Workouts you can do with your partner

Exercising with your partner or a friend helps you maintain focus and puts a little bit of a competitive edge into your workout routine.

As long as you keep the workout friendly and in good spirits, you’ll find you not only get fitter but it helps improve your relationship as you learn to do something new together. Here are some exercises to get you started.

Hook squats

  • Stand back to back with your partner and get into proper squat position with knees over ankles.
  • Squat down together and slowly walk clockwise while still squatting in a circle.
  • Once circle has been completed, count to 20 and walk in a circle counterclockwise.
  • Do three sets.

Alternating box jump

You can do this exercise with or without small hand weights.

  • Face each other and place an exercise step-box between you.
  • Take turns jumping on and off the box in a squat position, making sure to land lightly with each jump. After landing back on the ground, your partner completes the same move.
  • If needed, lightly join hands with outstretched arms for balance.
  • Each partner jumps 15 to 20 times for two to three sets.

Partner push-ups

Rather than just your own body weight working as resistance, with this exercise, your partner can create more opposition by placing weight on your upper back.

  • Start by lying with your stomach on the floor, elbows bent at 90 degrees and palms on the floor in a lowered push-up position.
  • Have your partner stand over you and place hands on your upper back.
  • As you rise up into your push-up, your partner creates slight resistance, being sure to keep their core tight at the same time.
  • Complete reps until you feel fatigued, then switch.

Push-up high five

  • Face your partner arms length apart. Get in push-up position, hands directly under your shoulders, legs extended, abs engaged.
  • Do a push-up, bending elbows 90 degrees. Push back up to starting position and give each other a high five, extending arm straight out, rather than up.
  • Complete reps until fatigued.

Swimming stretch

  • Lie on your stomach, facing your partner head-to-head with outstretched arms. Your arms should be able to slightly overlap.
  • Place hands on top your partner’s and lift your head, chest, arms, and legs to begin.
  • Anchor your chest into the floor and slowly paddle arms and legs in a swimming motion, using your partner’s rhythm and pressure to resist yours.
  • Keep shoulders away from your ears, continue to paddle for five long breaths, reaching and lengthening with each paddle.
  • Lower gently and switch hand placement to complete one full set. Do three sets.