Taking care of your moustache

Maintaining a healthy and stylish moustache can be difficult, however the tips below will make it easier for you

Whether you are growing a moustache for Movember or trying out this facial hair trend, you will need to ensure you train and care for your ‘tache so it always looks its best. If you follow the tips below your moustache will be looking stylish in no time.

Trim correctly

The easiest and most common way to trim your moustache is with clippers or a beard trimmer. However, after growing the hair for about a month you will want to make the transition to quality facial hair scissors.

Facial hair scissors will assist in shaping your moustache and will prevent it from looking overgrown and fluffy. It is important to note you should not trim your moustache when wet. Wet hair is heavier and often once the hair dries you may think that you have trimmed too much.

Invest in a good face scrub

For a moustache to look well presented it needs to look clean. Investing in a quality face scrub which you can use twice a day, will help remove unwanted food and dead skin cells.

Shampoo and conditioner

The downside to growing a moustache is how coarse the hair can be, as well as how dry and itchy the surrounding skin will often feel. By using a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, your moustache and skin will begin to feel soft in no time.


Wax can go a long way when styling your moustache. Warming moustache wax between your fingers prior to styling can add extra definition to your facial hair. To help apply the wax evenly it is best to use a moustache comb. These combs assist in evenly distributing wax in the middle. A comb will also prove useful when it comes to trimming and styling.

Master the twirl

Take a small amount of moustache wax and rub it between your thumb and index finger. Take the tip of your moustache and twirl the ends, use a similar motion and snap your fingers when applying.


Keeping your skin moisturised is essential. The skin underneath your facial hair can become exceptionally dry which results in ‘tache dandruff’. It is essential that you moisturise your skin under your moustache daily.

Movember is a great cause to support — you never know, you may actually suit a beard. Find out more information on what the cause is about and how to get involved here.