Stylish workout equipment for design conscious gyms

There is a new collection of workout gear designed by industrial design student Ali Safa A, that strives to challenge the public’s perceptions of workout gear.

The Femton line of fitness gear places a stylish twist on traditional workout equipment and is perfect for aesthetically conscious health enthusiasts. The line is designed to fit in with home décor and to always be visible, encouraging consumers to keep motivated and be active.

For home users, gym equipment is rarely attractive and not something readily on display with most consumers keeping gear confined to the garage or spare bedroom. Femton’s chic, modern design swaps the bulky industrial metals of traditional gear for an attractive combination of ash, hemp, and marble, ensuring the modern consumer will happily have their gym equipment on display.

The kit of four workout tools includes an adjustable dumbbell made of ash and marble, a jump rope made out of hemp at the historical ropewalk located within the naval base in Kariskrona, Sweden, and a core wheel and two push-up barrels made of ash. The natural materials not only make the gym gear appealing, but reinforce the connection between health and the natural environment.

The natural simplistic design fits in perfectly with the modern home, with the equipment promoting the idea of the 15-minute workout routine to keep you healthy and fit.

Femton is not currently available for purchase but there are some tips on how you can set up your space to be motivational.

Image credit: Femton via Design Milk.