Why you should start playing a team sport

It is said that team sport is a metaphor for life and everyone should join a team to help learn some life lessons.

It doesn’t matter what team sport you choose, just join a team and participate. The metaphor refers to the fact a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Just as in life, even if you have the best superstar on your team, it doesn’t guarantee victory, as no single individual controls the outcome. One of your team can let you down, despite your best efforts.

Team sport has many benefits, apart from the taste of victory. Participants enjoy the physical fitness benefits, which vary according to the sport and the level at which you compete. There are also social and mental wellbeing benefits that come from participating in a team environment.

If you’re considering joining a team sport or resurrecting past glories, here are some tips to get started. The first thing to do of course is to choose a sport. If you want a competitive sport, you’ll need to be able to find time to train possibly twice or even three times per week.

If you don’t have experience playing your sport of choice, look for a sport that has different grade levels. This way you can join a team of people with similar skills to you and play against teams on your level.

For those who don’t want too much competition and prefer a more social outing, there are lower contact team sports, like touch football. These can be a lot of fun while helping get you fit, without the potential injuries of heavier contact sports. There are also many mixed male/female touch football, basketball and netball competitions which while competitive, have more of a fun bias.

The one thing you’ll need to do before you start is getting fit. Don’t just turn up to the first game, or training session and play like you were 18 again. In no time at all, you’ll probably need a sports physio to treat a torn hamstring or pulled muscle of some kind. Ease your way into the training regime and even do your own training apart from the scheduled team sessions.

The main thing to do is to enjoy yourself, make yourself available to play each match and participate in the wider community of the team or club.