Start a daily meditation practice

Meditation is said to provide a wide array of health benefits, from increasing memory capacity to slowing the ageing process and improving immunity.

Starting your daily meditation routine will be a breeze if you follow these few steps.

Link mediation to a habit

Tasks, like showering, brushing your teeth and driving home from work, are deeply ingrained habits. So linking your meditation to these habits will make it easier to initiate your meditation. This means making it a part of your daily routine and scheduling a specific time for it. If you haven’t allocated a specific time to meditate it is easy to put it off to do other activities.

Start small

To begin developing your habit, meditate for short periods of time. Even ten minutes will suffice, as this will make it easier to establish the habit as it will decrease the push-back from your mind. Once the habit is established you can begin to extend your meditation time.

Use guided meditation

Because it’s a new practice you may not know exactly what you should be doing to meditate properly. So begin by using guided meditation to ease into it and learn different breathing techniques, mantras and mindfulness-based practices.

Create a meditation space

Find a space to dedicate to meditation and fill it with things that inspire you such as photos, incense, candles or sacred books. Dedicating this space to meditation will create a kind of haven in your home and you’ll find that as soon as you settle there, meditating and relaxing will gradually become second nature.

Using energising breathing techniques can also help you prepare for meditation. Check out some breathing practices here.