Small changes with a big impact on your health

You don’t need to make huge changes to your lifestyle to improve your health.

There are many small ways to incorporate healthy daily practices without becoming a gym junkie. Here are three tips to get you healthier.

We all know the benefits of drinking water, but drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day can be difficult. According to nutritionist Samantha Gemmell, it’s not just drinking the water that’s important, it’s about when you drink it too.

“We should actually all be drinking water in between meals rather than with our meals,” Ms Gemmell said.

“Drinking water with our food dilutes our stomach acid, meaning we don’t get the most from what we are ingesting.

Try cherries and cinnamon. While cherries are seasonal, you can get cinnamon all year around. These two foods are wonderful additions to your daily routine. Both tart cherry juice and cherries themselves are a natural source of melatonin, that promotes deep sleep.

While cinnamon is a great little spice to add to everything from a curry to a coffee. It tastes good and adds sweetness, but it helps balance blood sugar levels, preventing energy spikes and crashes after an artificial sweet treat.

Sunlight, in small doses, can good for you. Expose yourself to daylight as soon as you wake to help regulate your body’s circadian rhythms. Ten minutes will do and make surer to slip, slop and slap for protection.