Increase your endurance levels

Your endurance ability comes from stamina, which is the strength and energy needed to exert yourself for extended periods of time.

Stamina most commonly refers to the exertion needed for physical activities like exercise and sports. However, stamina can also refer to the mental exertion needed to perform a task or get through a difficult situation. Here are some tips to build your stamina and endurance levels.

Build your stamina through a healthy balanced diet. Eat a low-fat diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats. For long-lasting energy, make sure up to a third of your diet is composed of starches and carbohydrates — whole wheat varieties are preferable.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This helps both your physical and mental wellbeing. Muscle tissue that is under-hydrated can under-perform, so keep your stamina up by drinking water a few hours before strenuous exercise and during your workout as well.

Get plenty of regular physical exercise, including cardiovascular exercise, such as aerobics, running, biking, and dancing. This exercises your heart and lungs, increasing the efficiency with which your body supplies oxygen to its muscles. As a result, your body’s endurance and stamina will gradually increase (and its fatigue levels decrease) with cardiovascular exercise.

Strength-building exercises, such as weightlifting and body-weight resistance exercises (push ups, sit ups, squats) gradually build the stamina (not to mention the size, definition, and strength) of your muscles. If you do physical activities you enjoy, you’ll improve your fitness faster than if you do exercises against your will. Mix it up too, so you’re exercising all your muscle groups. A mixed routine is also more enjoyable.

Involve others in your exercises, either in a pair or as a group. Friends or training buddies can motivate you to push yourself more than you can alone. There’s also the competitive angle of not wanting to fail in front of others, that acts as a motivator. The more regularly you undertake physical activities the sooner you build your endurance levels. But don’t ignore your sleep. Get at least seven to nine hours of restful sleep. You can occasionally reduce it to six hours but only as an exception and not the rule.