How to stop seeing exercise as a chore

Many people love being active, while others spend more time thinking about exercising without ever getting around to it.

If you struggle to start exercising, you need to reframe your thinking to consider it an opportunity rather than a chore.

You don’t have to join a gym – there are lots of free things you can do to keep fit. Regardless of where you exercise, here are a few tips to get you moving.

Think of all the people who don’t have the same capabilities or liberties. Reframe your negative thinking into gratitude. You are lucky to have the ability to move about freely and engage your body in positive, healthy movement, so don’t take it for granted.

Consider partnering with someone. Go running or walking, take a yoga class, or go to the gym and work out as buddies, giving each other encouragement.

Body language is everything. So if you feel your weaker self taking over, take three slow breaths in and out, and become centered. Find a positive affirmation to repeat in your head to pump yourself up. “I can” and “I will” are simple and can be repeated in a rhythmic fashion to help move you along.

Help yourself using tricks and forward plans. Drop your gym bag at the gym on the way to work and leave your house keys in it. Then you have no choice but to go home via the gym – and take a class or have a workout. Set up a daily commitment to report your workout results to someone you trust. Maybe even give them $200 cash. Every time you don’t do your exercise and report to them as agreed, they retain $10. You get the remainder back after an agreed exercise period.