How to brighten your tattoos

Tattoos tend to fade and wear over time. Here’s how you can get them looking good as new.

Talk to a tattoo artist, dermatologist or cosmetic professional, and they’ll advise that a few different options for brightening your tattoos. The option that’s right for you depends on how old they are and what state they are in. Of course, this assumes you want to keep them at all – you could always remove or cover up with an alternative design.

For a fast tattoo fix-up, consider using an exfoliating gel. Removing old, dull and dead skin that might have grown over your tattoo will allow the colour skin underneath to shine through. For this to be effective, the exfoliating gel should be used regularly. Shaving the area is another way to brighten the appearance of your tattoos, and the shaving process also removes dead skin cells, making the colours pop.

If your tattoo is particularly old and faded, you could always consider a tattoo touch-up. This process is similar to getting a new tattoo and involves using new ink on an old tattoo to make it brighter. Outlining the tattoo with a crisp black line will enhance the tattoos clarity and shape. You may also want to use this opportunity to add more intricate or elaborate designs to your existing tattoo. Talk to your tattoo artist about your options to make the most of your touch-up session. Be aware that tattooing over an existing tattoo can be more painful than receiving the original one.

If you’ve gone down the touch-up route, you should steps to ensure it looks the best for the long run. Protecting your tattoos from the sun, as skin damage the effects of UV rays can dull the brightness of the ink. will ensure they look brighter for longer. Remember to always apply zinc or sunscreen to protect your tattoo from sun exposure.

Looking after you skin will ultimately keep your tattoos looking great. Drink lots of water and make sure you’re following a regular skincare regime – here are some valuable tips.