Get outside for your workout this week

Spring is here and it’s time to break out of the winter hibernation and get out and about to get fit for summer.

While a regular workout at your local gym is a good habit to maintain, there are some outdoor options to consider now the weather is warming up. Here are five you might like to try.


This is one of the fastest growing water sports, both for fitness and recreation. It also has the added benefit of being built for two people if you like to exercise with your partner or friend. It’s a good upper body and core exercise and helps with your cardio fitness.

Kayaking has the added benefit of being on the water, giving you all sorts of options to enjoy different locations and a relaxing paddle too. People of all ages can kayak, as you paddle at your own pace. You just need easy access to get your kayak into the water, unless you’re renting one at a waterway.

Here are some scenic spots to go kayaking.


You’re never too old to learn to surf. There are now surf schools run up and down the east coast, so you can start learning tomorrow.

Obviously, you need to live near the ocean, but there’s no better time to hop on that board before the summer crowds. Surfing is a sport that is great fun, relaxing and an excellent workout. It builds body strength and endurance, yet you don’t seem to feel like you’re exercising when catching a wave.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP)

SUP is another fast-growing water sport. It’s a great way to build your core strength and even create a six-pack of abs. SUP is not restricted to the ocean and there are operators renting boards on all major waterways. So you can try it out before investing in a board and paddle of your own.

Beach yoga

Another fabulous outdoor exercise, particularly as the sun is rising, is beach yoga. You can put your hot room yoga membership on hold for a few months and get some sand between your toes instead. You can do it on your own or join a class. You can even combine your yoga with SUP as this a new cross fitness craze – SUP yoga.


This isn’t your average workout, or even easily accessible, but for a weekend adventure, it will really get your heart racing. There is also some strength exercise involved, depending upon the zipline course. To find a zipline near you, click here.