Fun for the whole family at the Byron Spirit Festival

The whole community will have free access to the festival's vibrant Spirit Village.

From April 20 – 22, the Spirit Village is where you will find a divine array of healthy food and market stalls featuring unique services & products, all aligned with Byron Spirit Festival’s vision.

For those families struggling to keep their children entertained through the school holidays, Byron Spirit Festival is here to assist, teaming up again with Rainbow Kids Yoga for the Rainbow Yoga Family Space.

Offering daily yoga workshops designed for kids, teens and the whole family, as well as an obstacle course and awesome yoga craft projects.

The Rainbow Yoga Space is a family friendly, shady hub, which will offer kids & teens yoga sessions, conscious craft and creative activities for young and old.

People off all ages will delight in the Acroyoga Playground. For those new to the practice, Acroyoga is a blend of three interconnecting practices; acrobatics to train strength, endurance and alignment, yoga for flexibility of mind and body, and therapeutic flying and thai massage to manage our recovery and integration.

This playground is free entry, and open throughout the festival, offering opportunities to enjoy the acrobatic and therapeutic aspects of the practice, depending on your needs.

The Healing Village will offer a myriad of well-being opportunities; from Zen Thai Shiatsu & Aromatherapy through to Chakra Alignments and Tarot Reading.

The Spirit Stage is the heart of the Spirit Village and offers a live program during the day, showcasing the creators, musicians, visionaries, ethical entrepreneurs, and healers.

Head to the Spirit Village and stretch with the whole family in this fun and creative play space.

Tickets to the Byron Spirit Festival are on sale now.