Easy ways to be more environmentally friendly

Every one of us is part of the solution when it comes to pollution and the environment.

Living green is much easier than you think. It just takes a more conscious effort by each of us to help protect the environment from man-made pollutants. Here are some tips to help you do your part.

If you love your coffee, love your coffee cup and avoid using disposable cups. Invest in an insulated reusable cup(s) to carry around with you. Apart from reducing the number of disposable cups that end up in landfill, you might save some money, as many cafes charge less to customers who bring their own cup.

Carry a water bottle with you and never buy single-use bottled water. You’ll save money and do less damage to the environment, by reducing carbon miles of disposable water bottles, as well as reducing landfill. Single-use plastic drink bottles are also one of the major pollutants of the ocean, so you’ll be helping reduce ocean pollution as well.

Don’t use plastic drinking straws. These small but deadly pieces of plastic pollute landfill, as well as the ocean, and kill many marine species by choking them to death. You won’t miss them once you’ve stopped buying straws, so keep them off your shopping list.

Ride a bike more often, particularly instead of driving short distances to the shops, train station or other local amenities. You’ll not only reduce air pollution, you’ll contribute positively to your health a fitness.

Avoid harmful household cleaners as they can contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment when drained into our waterways. Here is a recipe for a multi-purpose cleaner and here’s one for a natural shower cleaner.