Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleeping

Enjoying a good night’s sleep and waking fresh and energised is possible in the right environment.

Most people know the value of a good night’s sleep. We’ve written before about how to sleep better, so here are some tips for decorating your bedroom to make it more conducive to relaxing.

Decorate your bed with a headboard, preferably a textured one with some relaxing colours within the fabric. A padded headboard is also good for leaning against when sitting back in bed and reading a good book.

Matching bedside tables help balance the room. Try to make them large enough to store a lamp, book, clock and even a small posy or bowl of scented potpourri. Alternately you could use an essential oil diffuser to create a relaxing fragrance.

A decorative box at the foot of the bed is useful for storage and seating when you’re dressing or putting on shoes. You can also place excess blankets or pillows on top at night.

An artwork above the bed can be a real highlight and helps theme the room. Lamps or uplights beside the bed create a more soothing ambiance than downlights over the bed. You definitely don’t want fluorescent lighting in your bedroom if you want a relaxed environment.

A cosy, wool throw on the end of your bed during the cool months adds a touch of colour and comfort, as well as warmth if needed. You can store it during the warmer months as it will only get in the way on hot nights.

If you have a wooden floor, consider a quality rug to place your feet on first thing in the morning when you rise. Choose a plush wool or cotton option, rather than sisal or seagrass mats for example, for something comfortable to step on in the morning or if you get up on a cold night.

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