Avoid the Sunday blues

Sunday night comes around way too quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can't enjoy the evening before you go back to work again.

A study in the UK revealed about 40 percent of working adults admit their Sunday is spent feeling anxious and full of dread because they’re thinking about going back to work on Monday. It seems that one minute we are enjoying our weekend and come 4pm we have a case of the Sunday-night blues.

Here are some things you can do to avoid ruining your final weekly hours of freedom.

Schedule your main weekend evening plans for Sunday night. It doesn’t have to be a late night either, which is probably better for your health, as you’ll drink less and get more sleep than you do with a big Saturday night out.

If you’re going to have a few drinks on the weekend, make it Friday night at the end of the work day, rather than Saturday night. That way you’re not dealing with a hangover on Sunday and making your mood even worse.

Instead of having a lazy Sunday, invest time in exercising. Take a long walk or hike, go for a run, or head to the gym for a solid workout. Studies have proven that walking in the outdoors is good for your brain. A fast-paced walk releases good endorphins and results in you having more energy than before you exercised.

Get ahead of yourself and prepare for the week ahead. You can spend some relaxing time in the kitchen preparing lunches and baking snacks to take to work, or creating meals for dinner during the week.

Alternatively, just take a good book to bed early and get some extra sleep, so you’re refreshed and energised when you start the week.