What to do if your luggage is lost

Lost luggage can ruin your holiday and be very expensive to replace.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you realise your bags are not on the carousel in the airport luggage area. It can ruin your holiday and be very costly to replace the contents and the bags.

The first thing you should always do when checking luggage onto a plane is photograph the bags, front and back. Make sure you have secure tags on each bag, but never put your home address on the tags, as this is a serious security risk.

Baggage handlers have been used to supply address information from bags to criminals who want to break into homes while people are away. Just put your name and phone number on your bag tag.  If you have a photo, you can give it to the lost luggage service so they know what to look for under your name.

Another tip is to make a list of everything in your bag, so you know what’s missing if your bag never turns up. Though most lost bags are simply delayed, rather than lost. Report your missing bags immediately, noting their identification numbers on your baggage claim stubs, so you can get them back as soon as possible.

Some airlines have a policy of providing replacement essential items, such as toiletries. Check with your airline about its specific policy, and keep on hand a list of items you purchase, your receipts, your baggage claim stubs and your ticket receipt. Check with the airline to find out how to request reimbursement and be prepared to wait weeks for your money back.