Uncover World Heritage-listed Riversleigh

The outback site is one of the best places in the world to find fossils.

The area around Riversleigh was once a thick rainforest, teaming with animals including kangaroos, Tasmanian tigers, and marsupial ‘lions.’

You can find fossils documenting these creatures and more. Even better, they are well preserved in 3D due to the soft limestone rock of the area.

Riversleigh Fossil Fields

The Riversleigh Fossil Fields span 10,000 hectares of land, although only a small section of that – Site D – is open to the public. Site D is where one of the first fossil deposits was found. Visitors will find both mammals and reptiles.

What makes these fossils extra special is that they so well represent the evolution of Australian mammals. Today’s unique mammals evolved from equally fascinating ancestors.

To get to Site D, take the Riversleigh Fossil Trail to the limestone outcrop and enjoy the ancient landscape. You can also hire commercial tour operators to give you a deeper understanding.

Riversleigh Fossil Centre

Head to Mount Isa to see the fossils brought to life. The museum includes video and dioramas to bring the ancient animals to life.

Exploring the ancient landscape

There’s plenty of nature around to help you imagine what Riversleigh once looked like. Head to Boodjamulla National Park to get a sense of the vegetation that once covered the land, now confined to an oasis.

You can canoe through the still waters of the gorge and let your imagination run wild. There are also beautiful walking tracks in the park. Don’t miss the Wild Dog Dreaming walk, where you can find rock art and stone engravings.

Or take the Indarri Falls walking track to find a refreshing waterhole to relax in.

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