New baggage approach avoids crushed clothing

The problem of wrinkled clothes when travelling may be solved with innovative luggage from Austrian company Vocier.

Suitcase manufacturers have promised all sorts of features in the past to differentiate themselves in the market, including protection from thieves, damage-proof and even the ability to charge your phone.

Now Austrian company Vocier has designed luggage that doesn’t require you to roll or fold your clothes – and every piece stays wrinkle-free. The company claims wrinkles in your suit are caused by two factors: pressure and tight corners. Like creasing a piece of paper, fabric becomes wrinkled when pressure is applied to a fold. To combat this pesky problem, Vocier patented the “Zero-Crease system”, which bends garments instead of folding them.

the “Zero-Crease system”, which bends garments instead of folding them

The bag also contains a built-in protective sleeve that gently curves around the interior of the suitcase while simultaneously safeguarding other items stored in the bag. Though they’re both compact enough to fit in an overhead bin, the collection’s key pieces – the Carry-on Trolley and the Carry-on Travel Bag – promise to hold a week’s worth of necessities, including two suits, shirts, shoes, underwear, and a wash bag.

The cases don’t come cheap. The trolley is $595 for the fibre-reinforced plastic and $1195 for the leather version, while the travel bag is $395 for nylon and $895 for leather.

If you’re not comfortable spending that much money on luggage, you can check out how to correctly fold a suit here: