The magic of Field of Light, Uluru

Make this the year you finally visit the heart of Australia.

Picture this: the sun is setting on the ancient monolith Uluru, turning the rock a brilliant red. As the light begins to fade, more than 50,000 glass “flowers” start to softly glow in waves of colours.

That’s what you can experience when you visit Uluru before December 2020. British artist Bruce Munro’s installation Field of Light opened on April 1, 2016, and has been extended until 2020. After that, it will be gone.

A massive field

Field of Light comprises 50,000 solar-powered glass orbs that cover 49,000 square metres. It took 40 people six weeks to install all the lights. Munro himself spent 2800 hours designing and creating the orbs, before they were transported from England to Uluru. Amazingly, not a single one was broken on the flight over.

As the sun sets each night, the lights flicker to life and colours inspired by the desert and the magical Australian light sweep through the field. Explaining the choice of colours, Munro said, “It took me years to get Australian light. You won’t see colours that rich anywhere in the world.”

In creating the installation, Munro was trying to invoke the joy and wonder he felt when he first saw Uluru in 1992 after living in Australia for eight years. Describing the first time he saw the monolith, Munro said that it “seemed to have this presence and energy coming out of the ground and I had never felt so alive”. He hopes his Field of Light installation will inspire people to make 2018 the year they finally visit Uluru.

Experiencing Field of Light

There are two ways to experience the installation, and you should really do both. You can view the lights from a special elevated viewing platform — this is a great way to get a sense of the scale of the installation.

You can also wander through the lights via sandy paths winding through the sea of colour.

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Image credit: Mark Pickthall / Ayers Rock Resort.

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