Explore the Baltic States by sea

A cruise is a great way to tour the jewels of the Baltic.

Visit many of the highlights of the Baltic sea on a cruise this year.


Locals call their city “beauty on water” and with its well-preserved historic district, the nickname fits. The old town is a yellow and orange masterpiece, with towering cathedrals, cobblestone streets and an impressive palace.

Spread across 14 islands, Stockholm is surprisingly easy to navigate. While there are plenty of tourist sites, just wandering the streets is an experience. Beautiful design is everywhere, so prepare to be inspired.


The capital of Estonia is unfairly photogenic, a city out of a fairytale. Around every corner is something to capture a photographer’s eye, from ancient churches to medieval streets.

But the city isn’t stuck in the past – it’s bursting with a vibrant food scene and modern culture. This is the birthplace of Skype, after all.


Copenhagen just might be the capital of cool. From furniture to fashion, the locals know style.

This extends to the culinary world, with the city boasting 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, including the reincarnation of Noma (long running World’s Best Restaurant). Bon appetit!

Rent a bike for a day and you can easily get to all the tourist highlights in this wonderfully bike-friendly city.


A Nordic Rome, Bergen is surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords.

Explore Bergen’s history as the capital of Norway during the early Middle Ages. The well-preserved wooden houses of Bryggen are evidence of the city’s historical importance.

The city is a delight to explore, with colourful houses spreading up the hillsides. Take a ferry around the fjords. If the weather turns cold, check out some of the fabulous art museums.

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