Countries with the cheapest flights from Australia

If you invest some time you can get your dream holiday at a fraction of the price.

There’s nothing better than going on a relaxing holiday and knowing you got there for an absolute bargain. The cheapest overseas destinations to travel to have been revealed, making searching for that holiday you’ve been dreaming about a little more easier.

But if you are looking for a downright bargain, it’s not just the location you need to consider. You need to very carefully choose when to travel as well as the time you book.

Where to travel

Top 10 most affordable countries according to the average price of their return fare:

  1. Indonesia – $528
  2. Malaysia – $550
  3. Singapore – $556
  4. Fiji – $634
  5. Thailand – $660
  6. Vanuatu – $686
  7. Hong Kong – $727
  8. China – $730
  9. Vietnam – $735
  10. New Caledonia – $746

When to book

The best time to book depends on where you are going, as it can really make a difference in price. Usually, the closer to the departure date you search and book, the more you’ll pay, particularly less than one week out.

As a general rule, however: one to three months before leaving is the lowest price when booking domestic travel and Asia Pacific flights. While three to six months is better for long haul destinations such as the UK and US.

When to travel

Generally speaking, you can get a cheaper fare by picking a flight midweek. Friday is the most common day to travel – and it is usually the most expensive too, so try and plan around that if you are looking for a real bargain.

Also as expected, summer holidays from December through to January is when travel hits a peak, meaning you’ll need to pay more for the same holiday you’d get for half the price in March.

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