Canberra is one of Lonely Planet’s top cities for 2018

Add Canberra to your travel list and see what all the fuss is about.

Every year the travel company, Lonely Planet, release a number of top ten or best travel lists to assist travellers when planning trips. In the “Best in Travel 2018: Top Cities” Australia’s very own capital city, Canberra, makes it into the top three. Lonely Planet defines this list as the ten top cities in the world that are “ready for prime time”.

Number one on the list is Seville, Spain, while Detroit, USA comes in second. Meanwhile, Canberra takes out third place. Lonely Planet describes Canberra as being “criminally overlooked” and although the city may be small the area still packs a big punch. Find out why Canberra should be on number one on your travel list for 2018.

Canberra is home to many national treasures while also introducing new boutique precincts and cultural must-dos. More specifically, in 2018 Canberra will be hosting their first Test cricket match at Manuka Oval. Later in the year, the  Australian War Memorial will be hosting the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice. A key event happening in the city is the creation of a permanent Reconciliation Day. This will be written into the state’s holiday calendar starting from 2018 onwards. This day holds significant symbolism between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Coffee lovers’ dream

Australian cities and their baristas pride themselves on their coffee. A popular café, Braddon, is located in an inner-north suburb of Canberra. Braddon is known for its use of the Ona Coffee beans. According to knowledgeable baristas, the Ona bean is the perfect bean for milky coffees. Thecafe’s milk is sourced locally from dairy farm while the nut milks are creamed in-house.


Locally sourced dining is all the rage in Canberra. This is a common occurrence for all dining services, from small local cafes to award-winning restaurants.

Local wineries

Currently, there are approximately 140 vineyards located in the wine region of Canberra. Many of the vineyards are accessible along the roads north of the city. Some local wineries to add to your list include Helm Wines, Yarrh Wines, and Canberra Wine House.

Fun for families

There are a large number of activities that can be explored by families of all shapes and sizes. Questacon is the National Science and Technology Centre, and is known for its hands-on science activities. A day spent at Questacon will be entertaining for kids and adults alike.

The Royal Australian Mint is a free activity and can easily turn anybody into a committed coin collector. Other activities include the Australian Institute of Sport, Cockington Green, Museum of Democracy, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, and the National Dinosaur Museum, to name just a few.

Once you have explored Canberra you will not be surprised by the city’s rating by Lonely Planet. You can then check out our list of the best day trips you can take from the city.