Calling all diamond lovers

The Argyle Diamond Mine is worth visiting if you love diamonds and are passionate about supporting locals while travelling.

The Kimberley region is home to a number of many Australian wonders and as you head to the east, you’ll see one of the most unique attractions — Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine. Not only do Argyle diamonds play a role in tourism, the mine provides major support within the Kununurra community through various East Kimberley events.

The Argyle mine is open to all visitors, with guided tours departing from Kununurra. A trip here provides a rare insight into the scope of a large mining operation and the history of its relationship with the Traditional Owners.

Each year, the mine produces about 20 million carats, making it one of the world’s largest suppliers of diamonds. Argyle employs about 750 people, with most working on the mine site.

The mine is known for producing pink and coloured diamonds. The mine is the world’s primary source of the highly-prized, rare pink diamond — the mine’s signature stone. These diamonds are popular with collectors, investors and connoisseurs across the globe. These stones vary in colour from pale pink to intense purple reds, with prices up to twenty times that of a white diamond.

One of the most important elements of the mine is the relationship between Argyle and the Traditional Owners of the mining lease. The signing in 2005 of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement and Participation Agreement was an important step towards the goal of sustainability. This agreement has assisted in providing long-term economic benefits to the Indigenous communities in the East Kimberley, as well as protecting cultural and environmental interests.

While production has slowed over the last few years, it is more important than ever before for tourists to stop by and support the mine and its facilities when passing through.

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