2017’s best travel destinations according to Lonely Planet

Just in time to plan your next holiday, Lonely Planet has published their list of must-visit countries for 2017.


2017’s best travel destinations according to Lonely Planet - Canada

There’s so much to love about Canada: incredible natural beauty, multicultural cities, and impeccable politeness. 2017 marks 150 years since confederation, making it a perfect time to visit America’s northern neighbour.

Expect a year-long birthday celebration filled with maple syrup, poutine, and inclusiveness. The Canadian dollar is on parity with the Australian dollar, so you’ll enjoy good value.


Once known for civil war and violent crime, Colombia is welcoming visitors with open (and peaceful) arms. Travellers can expect to salsa into the late hours of the night, stroll through streets filled with colonial architecture, and relax on Caribbean beaches.

Don’t let security fears stop you from experiencing the warm hospitality of this South American nation.


2017’s best travel destinations according to Lonely Planet - Finland

Most people don’t realise how young Finland is; it only gained independence in 1917. Turning 100 years old is a big deal, and the Finns are planning to celebrate their centenary with a bang. Every region of Finland will join in the celebrations, which will range from outdoor concerts to sauna evenings.

For lovers of winter sports, the country is also hosting the World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2017.


You’ll be forgiven for being unable to find this small Caribbean nation on the map. It lacks the name recognition of other islands with picture-perfect white sand beaches. The absence of beaches has been a blessing in disguise for Dominica, sparing it from the resort development of its more famous neighbours.

Change is coming, however, as the first large-scale chain resorts will be opening in 2018, making 2017 the year to visit.


2017’s best travel destinations according to Lonely Planet - Nepal

You’ve likely seen photos of the devastation caused by the 2015 earthquake, but what you haven’t seen is how much survived. Significant portions of the country managed to escape serious damage, including many of the most popular trekking trails.

Combine stunning Himalayan vistas with helping to rebuild the country through your tourism dollars.


Here’s a fun fact: Bermuda is not technically part of the Caribbean, but instead is located 1050 km off the coast of North Carolina.

The island is a fascinating mix of tropical island and British colonialism. Visit in June 2017 to watch the historic America’s Cup and enjoy the temperate climate.

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