Wirelessly synchronise your data

The Cloud FTP device is a great option for wireless extra storage for those who are regular users of the Apple iPad, iPhone and internet.

The adapter is pocket sized and wireless, meaning that all information stored on the device can be accessed without the need for physical connection to your computer.

USB storage devices are one of the most commonly used ways to store digital information and media that won’t fit on the average hard drive. This new invention attempts to eliminate the need for direct connection through a computer, but rather works by connecting through the network, and can be used on any WiFi-enabled services. The Cloud FTP option is a great way to synchronise and congregate all of your individual USB and storage devices into one single storage device, of unlimited capacity. The Cloud FTP will also automatically help to synchronise to online Cloud storage services, such as the websites Dropbox and iCloud.

The Cloud FTP device can be purchased online.