Wireless phone chargers are becoming more popular

The future of wireless charging technology is here.

Most mobile phone users dream of the day they no longer need to carry around wires and plugs to charge their phones. Given the rapid improvement in wireless charging technology, that day may not be far away.

It is much easier to just put your phone down on a wireless charger rather than fumbling with cords and adapters. Wireless charging pads are energy-efficient, so you can keep them plugged in and not worry about losing your cord. They come in all sorts of different colours, shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that matches not only your phone but your decor too.

Most (but not all) wireless chargers use a charging standard called Qi. Although more than 55 smartphones embrace the Qi charging standard, there are still many popular smartphones that can’t charge wirelessly without using a special case or receiver. This even includes the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

But there is an array of battery doors, cases, skins and sleeves available to incorporate the technology into your phone if your device manufacturer opted not to. After determining if your device is compatible with wireless charging, you’ll want to look at specific models to decide which wireless charger to purchase.

Typically chargers have a low energy output around five volts, but some are even more powerful, resulting in lower charge times. Your charger will become part of your desk or decor of your home, so you want it to fit in without being obtrusive. Given the whole point of wireless chargers is to keep cords out of the way, you don’t want the charging pad to be in your way either.

Some wireless chargers double as stands, so you can continue to use your tablet for example, while it charges. You’ll find lots of chargers on Amazon and ebay, so make sure they come with manufacturer’s support in case of technical problems. Most manufacturers offer at least a one year warranty, so check before you buy.

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