Using technology to wake up easily

Despite the fact that alarm clocks have been waking people successfully since the 18th century, new technology is now available to get you up with less shock to your system.

New technology including sensors and lighting is being developed to replace the ‘noise’ of alarm clocks. While it might sound contradictory to reduce the noise required to waken you, there are good reasons for this approach.

For those with no access to natural sunlight, the Aura connected alarm clock slowly floods a room with bright blue light to simulate the sunrise. There’s a companion sensor you place under your mattress to track your sleep patterns and cycles.

We go through three sleep cycles every 90 minutes: light, deep, and REM. The sleep experts claim it’s best to wake up during the light sleep cycle, so you’re less groggy and disoriented. The following tracking devices aim to help wake you up during the light part of your sleep cycle closest to the time you want to wake.

The Beddit has a sensor similar to Aura’s. It tracks information such as how long it took you to fall asleep, if you snored, and how many breaths you took each minute. It pairs with an app to wake you up during the lightest sleep. Like many tracking products, it turns sleep into a game by giving a daily score for the quality of slumber, which can be improved with a nap.

Another product called SensorWake uses scents — like espresso, chocolate and peppermint — to wake you out of your slumber. The scents come in capsules, and a single capsule can be used for about a month.

So if you’re looking to trade in your old alarm clock, you might find yourself shopping at a technology store, or online in the App store or Google Play to find its replacement.