Turn your phone off after 10pm

The ritual of lying in your bed scrolling through social media late at night is probably doing you more harm than good,

A study developed by the University of Glasgow analysing 91,000 people, claims late-night phone usage can lead to psychological problems including depression, bipolar disorder, and neuroticism. This study looks into a connection between a disruption of your body clock and depression or other signs of unhappiness.

The study is unable to prove the disruption and phone use causing these problems specifically. However, researchers claim modern life and habits play havoc with our natural sleeping rhythms (activity during the day and sleep at night).

The lead author of the study, Daniel Smith, advocates a 10:00pm cut-off time for phone usage in an effort to combat poor sleeping habits. Smith also raises his concerns regarding city living, with these environments continually flooded with life 24/7, and the effect on natural sleep.

The results found roughly one in 25 of the participants were not much more active during the day than they are at night. Of these participants, 11 per cent were more likely to have bipolar disorder and six per cent were battling some form of depression. These participants reported a lower level of happiness and would experience a greater rate of loneliness.

While in comparison this may not sound alarming to most, Smith claims the results still hold great significance as there seems to be consistent findings across the board.

If you commute via public transport to work, keep your phone time restricted to during your travel, find out ways you can stay entertained using your phone.