Turn a goal into a habit

We’ve all made and broken new year’s resolutions but how do you turn a paper promise into reality?

By Kerry Heaney

If you want to exercise twice a day, save money or stick to a diet, Habitify is the app to help turn that new goal into a habit that sticks.

Research shows it takes three weeks for a new routine to become a regular part of your day, but those first 21 days are the hardest. Habitify will remind you about your goal every day and help track your progress.

The app makes it easy to pick morning, afternoon, evening or anytime options for your change of habit. If you aspire to take an early morning run four days a week, Habitify will remind you at 6am to get those running shoes out of the cupboard.

The free version allows three reminders, which is a great place to start. You may like to work with one habit at a time, but I decided the deep end was right for me.

With the goal of increasing fitness, I set myself the task of exercising at least three times a week. Luckily, this is already part of my lifestyle so my completion rate has a gold trophy beside it. My other two habits are more in the development stage.

Allow Habitify to remind you on your phone and it only takes a few seconds to record that you’ve achieved that day’s goal, or not, without having to unlock the phone.

Progress is recorded in daily statistics, with weekly totals so you can see if you are nailing it or need a bit more dedication to the change.

If you want to add in a fourth reminder, perhaps to call your mother once a week or walk the dog daily, you must spend a little money (mum and the dog are worth it).

While the basic app is free, an upgrade to the Lifetime Premium Membership version with unlimited habits will cost $5.99.

Habitify is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Find it on the App Store.