The Road Ahead goes mobile

It’s The Road Ahead like you’ve never seen it – mobile optimized in an easy-to-read format for people on the go.

By opting to receive RACQ’s flagship publication in digital format rather than print, you can enjoy it wherever you and your device go.

More than a million readers can’t be wrong – The Road Ahead is Queensland’s go-to for information, advice and insight on everything from the latest cars to the hottest travel destinations.

The latest update to the digital magazine makes it easier to enjoy all the great content on mobile device or PC. Head here to try out the new online version of The Road Ahead today. Highlights include:

Mobile responsive design

Using the latest HTML5 technology, the online publication now works better than ever on mobiles and tablets. This means you no longer have to zoom and scroll when you’re browsing on your phone—the articles and images are automatically resized to best suit your screen.

Faster load time

The new format takes up much less space, so downloading takes no time at all. You’ll spend more time reading and hardly any time waiting for content to load. This also means more browsing on the go without any worry about your data limit.

Improved navigation

Whether you like to leaf through at your leisure or simply want to jump straight to articles that have tweaked your interest, the new format makes it easy to read the magazine your way. Plus, you can easily switch between the ‘flipbook’ format (full-page format) and the article viewer at any time.

Easier to share

With the addition of social media and email sharing functions, it takes just a click to share your views on the articles with your friends and family.

Keen to join The Road Ahead digital revolution? Simply register here.