The technology forecast for 2018

Gain insights into the future of technology in 2018.

Innovation has become such a strong need in society and the effects and new products, as a result, are seen everywhere. Here are a few of the predictions for what 2018 has to hold.

There will be on one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people. This has grown from one hotspot for every 150 people in 2014. The growth is commonly credited to a large number of public hotspots and increased Wi-Fi serves provided by data companies.

Apple will begin creating OLED screens for Smartphones. This will ultimately cause a shift within the phone industry. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. These screens are predicted to display more accurate colours than ever before. LG and Samsung use similar technology on their screens, however, analysts have predicted that this shift will give Apple an edge over competitors.

HP’s most recent computer invention, the Machine, will be available for purchase. It is rumoured that it is six times more powerful than its current servers.

Voice-enabled speakers are set to take over the home. Voice assist and technology isn’t new. Amazon first released the Echo device in 2014 and other companies like Apple and Google are slowly releasing their own versions of the technology. It is predicted that the smart speaker market is set to grow from four billion to seven billion dollars by 2020, with 2018 being the pivotal year for users.

Other predictions include the increase in Wi-Fi speeds, the launching of the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit, the increase in mobile web traffic and global internet traffic.