This search engine lets you draw the image you want to find

Find the perfect image with a splash of colour.

Finding the perfect image online has become more than selecting the right combination of keywords. Where you are used to typing in some key terms and using up all your luck in hopes of finding the right image, Toronto-based image sharing site 500px has developed a search engine that changes the way we search.

Instead of describing the image, users are able to draw what they are looking for. Based on a machine learning algorithm, the Splash search engine hunts the 500px database to find the images to best match the colour selection and composition of what you’ve drawn.

Users are able to select a colour and size for the brush, narrowing down the search with every added colour and brush stroke. Categories of landscapes, people, animals, travel and city, also strengthen the chances of finding the image you’re looking for.

The only downside to this new way to search is that the 500px database is less extensive than the likes of Google or Flickr, however they are always growing and adding to their list of images.

Click here to see how the search engine works and try it for yourself.