Retro-inspired technology on the cutting edge

As technology continues to get ‘upgraded’ with newer and newer models, many people prefer the look and feel of earlier models, without compromising the functionality.

As technology continues to evolve, many people prefer the look and feel of earlier models without compromising functionality.

The pictured computer by CURVED/LAbs features the same sleek aluminium casing seen on the latest slimline Apple computers, but takes the aesthetics in the other direction – back to 1984 and the original Macintosh. The computer mimics the original in looks, but features a 11.6-inch touchscreen, SD card slots, speakers, microphones and all of the other features of current models.

If you prefer to hold a landline-style handset when calling your friends, this iPhone dock by iRetrofone, is just for you. Cast in resin to perfectly replicate vintage rotary phones, it features a dock that fits and charges various generations of iPhones. The handset is usable, so you can pretend like it’s 1985 while chatting, even as you swipe apps on your screen

Go all the way back to the early 20th century with an iPhone amplifier that looks like an old gramophone. It has a solid walnut dock and is available at Restoration Hardware.

If you’re an audiophile who’d rather vinyl than MP3, take a look at the modern reinvention of the stereo by Todd Kumpf. His Audio Infuser 4700 combines wireless and mobile technology with the traditional specs of vintage hi-fi gear, ensuring your digital music has that analogue soul.

Image credits: CURVED/labs via designboom, iRetrofone, Restoration Hardware, and Colin Davis via Todd Kumpf.