Play records anywhere without a stereo with this device

As vinyl records make a comeback, technology is changing to make them easier to play.

Music lovers around the world are dragging out their original vinyl and investing in new turntables to hear that wonderful crackling sound again. While vinyl is one again popular with the masses, it still has restrictions as you need a fixed turntable and speakers to play your music. You also have to flip the record over once a side is finished.

A new invention may have changed the way vinyl music is played. The RokBlok puts a whole new spin on playing vinyl records. It is the world’s smallest, wireless record player. Simply place RokBlok on top of any record to instantly listen to your favourite vinyl, anywhere. This video explains how it works:

Rock out with RokBlok’s built-in speaker, or wirelessly send your music to any Bluetooth device for an even bigger sound. The RokBlok measures only 10cm long X 5cm wide x 5cm deep. So you can use RokBlok anywhere you can find a flat surface.

It has a built-in analogue speaker and the battery lasts four hours on a single charge. It plays both 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM records. Here’s what’s in the RokBlok:

  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Powerful built-in 5cm speaker
  • Built-in pre-amp
  • Bamboo & MDF construction
  • Vinyl-safe rubber wheels
  • Diamond-tipped cartridge

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Image courtesy of RokBlok.