How to organise your favourite iPhone photos

We now have more images stored on digital devices than ever before, but they’ll remain unseen without a little organisation.

You’ve probably added a few hundred more photos to your archives this summer, which are most likely just stored on your phone, in the cloud or not even backed-up. Take some time to sort them out, so you can continue to enjoy them in the future. Here are some tips to help you get your photos organised.

Make the delete button and garbage can icon your favourite buttons. Prior to digital photography, we tended to only take photographs on special occasions and we didn’t know if we were successful until the images were printed, often weeks later. Digital technology allows us to take as many photos as we like at no cost, so we tend to take way more than necessary and store multiple shots of the same image.

Start the organisation process by deleting every image from your phone that isn’t something you absolutely want to look at ten years from now. Ask yourself “what images would I print and hang on a wall, or put in a photo album?”. Then you can start deleting those narcissistic selfies and photos of your feet at the beach.

Once you’ve done your first round of deletions, start again. Only keep the best version of each shot. Be ruthless, particularly with photos of your kids. Do you really need 100 different images of them in the bath or eating an ice cream? Do some maths to help you determine what to keep. For example, if you take 2000 photos of your child every year from the day they are born, that’s 36,000 images by the time they are 18 years old. Unless they win the lottery and don’t need to work, your kids will never have time to look at all these images.

Create a “favourites” album and transfer the images you really want to keep. Here’s a method to help you decide. Assume your home is on fire and you have to race out the door, with only a minute to gran your most cherished photos printed and mounted in frames. Which images would they be? These are the ones you put into your favourites album. You can also create albums by themes, such as holidays, sport, pets and the like to make it easier to find stored images.

Print and display your photos in frames, and consider investing in a digital photo frame that displays images on a rotating carousel. Place it in a prominent place where your family and guests can see it. You can create albums and change them each week, so you get to display different images throughout the day and therefore enjoy them more than if they remain in storage.