The best online music streaming services

Listen to the music you want, on demand.

The development in smartphone technology has changed the way people listen to music.

But deciding which music streaming service suits you can be time-consuming, confusing and sometimes even costly. Recently, both Guvera and Pandora have closed their Australian operations, so here are two of the most popular remaining services.


Spotify tends to take the number one position in streaming services in Australia and across the world.

The service is well known for its basic and easy to navigate layout. The music catalogue is huge with over 30 million tracks as well as a variety of video and podcast content. People of all ages and music tastes will be able to find something they love on the server.

Spotify offers free and paid subscriptions. The paid subscription gives the listener access to ad-free music, offline listening and better audio quality. The free membership still has a huge number of benefits, although it has advertisements and users can only listen to playlists on shuffle (i.e. no track-by-track selection).

View more of Spotify’s features and find out if this streaming service is the right one for you.

Subscription options

Free: features ads and does not allow track-by-track selection.
Individual: $11.99/month
Family (up to 6 users): $17.99/month
Students: $5.99/month

Apple Music

Apple Music combines on-demand streaming, integration with your pre-existing iTunes library, an all-live worldwide radio station and an artist-centric social network.

Apple Music is great for users who already have a strong understanding and familiarity with Apple. Their service can be a little difficult to get used to, but once you spend time working out all of the features the streaming service is good.

Similar to Spotify, Apple Music offers over 30 million tracks. Additionally, this server offers a 24-hour live radio station which includes interviews, a variety of radio hosts and live music.

Subscription options

First three months are free for all users.
Individual membership: $11.99/month
Family (up to 6 users): $17.99/month
Student membership: $5.99/month