Now even socks come with smart technology

Get some tech in your step with these smart tech socks designed to help improve your running form.

Technology to help improve health and track fitness levels has gone mainstream. From apps for logging daily calorie intake to the wearable devices for tracking step count and heart rate, there’s a range of technology-driven tools to keep track of health and wellness.

A new addition to wearable tech is available from Sensoria, a company that specialises in developing fitness garments with sensor capabilities. The company’s first offerings were a sports bra and shirt with a heart rate monitoring sensor, to help people reach their target heart rate while exercising. These garments are even machine washable – just remove the monitor and pop the clothing in the wash as normal.

For their next venture, Sensoria has developed a pair of smart socks that analyses how you run.

The smart socks can tell you how far, how fast, and how well you run. Textile sensors placed under the ball and heel of the foot detect changes in pressure, and conductive fibres relay any data collected to the anklet. The ankle monitor attaches magnetically to the smart sock, activating the tactile sensors in the sock. The anklet is lightweight, stays secure while running, and can be attached to either sock for multiple data points.

By connecting the anklet to the Sensoria app on your smartphone, you are able to track and improve speed, pace, cadence, and foot landing position with help from your virtual coach.

This new wearable technology can help athletes and running enthusiasts continue to improve form, and may reduce the risk of developing injuries without the expense of a personal running coach.