Improve your video blogs with a teleprompter

You’ll have a more natural and flawless delivery if it's easy to read your script while filming.

Television presenters and newsreaders have long used teleprompters for guidance as they read their scripts. With the increased popularity of YouTube and Facebook Video, a number of inexpensive teleprompters have reached the market, catering to the needs of many people who produce video blogs. They’re an invaluable tool to increase the efficiency of the shoot and the professional appearance of the final product.

If you haven’t seen one before, a teleprompter is a simple screen device that displays the script during a film or television shoot, or even during a live speech. They’re used when the presenter has a lot to say, and it’s important to get it right.

They are incredibly useful for creating a natural delivery. Having the text right in front of the presenter cuts any anxiety about delivering lines, so the performance has a better flow. It also saves time, as it reduces the need for additional takes when lines are forgotten.

When setting up a teleprompter, consider the tone you’re trying to convey with the video. Having it directly with the camera creates a formal, engaging atmosphere, as it looks as if the presenter is looking directly at the camera. Locating it to the left or right of the camera can create a less formal, relaxed style similar to how news programs film entertainment interviews.

If you record video blogs using the camera on your PC or laptop, online solutions such as CuePrompter or EasyPrompter might be the easiest solution.

Teleprompter apps that allow you to view your script while recording video with your phone or tablet’s selfie camera are available from the Apple store or Google Play. These options are often inexpensive, either free or just a couple of dollars. Before you download, make sure to pick one that works with your preferred file format, such as Word, Notepad or PDF.

If you work with a high-end camera, you may wish to invest in a more professional teleprompterThese kits attach to the front of your camera, displaying the text on a one-way mirror in front of the lens. You’ll get the best direct-to-camera results with a solution like this.

The quality of your camera will greatly affect how good your final video blog looks. If you’re using a phone, consider this review of mobile phone photography capabilities.