Improve your game with sensors and algorithms

Now the tools used by professional athletes are becoming available and affordable for amateurs.

Practice makes perfect has been the mantra of athletes and commentators for as long as professional sport has existed. But these days technology is driving how you practise and giving instant feedback on your performance so you can improve more rapidly.

Basketball is one of the most popular junior sports in Australia. New inventions in the US are helping kids sink more three-point baskets. The SOLIDshot sleeve is one of them. As the promotion messages claim – it’s like having a coach on your arm.

In simple terms, the SOLIDshot is a sleeve you wear on your arm as you train. Three sensors are positioned along the sleeve to measure arm, elbow and wrist movements. They detect on a shot-by-shot basis whether you’re shooting correctly, with each sensor tracking a different part of the shooting motion. The SOLIDshot then uses LEDs and a speaker to let you know if you’re doing things correctly. Just as the professionals use analytics to hone their skills, the sleeve interprets your motion with highly optimised biomechanic algorithms.

This is much easier than using an app on your phone and saves you having to check your phone after every single shot while you’re out on the court. The first production run has sold out and you can now pre-order for the next run. The price is US$499, so it’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for a career in basketball it might be an advantage.

Image credits: SOLIDshot.