Ideal tech for your next beach getaway

Modern technology is now easier to use at the beach so find out what new items you should be packing for your next day at the surf.

Your beach experience just got better. The new tech items listed below can help make most of a day out on the sand.

Waterproof camera

Smartphones are great if you want to take a quick snap of the kids playing at the beach. However, they aren’t always waterproof and are the last item you will want to take on a beach trip.

Purchase a waterproof camera to help you properly document your tip. Record your adventures from land into the sea. Capture the beauty of creatures and coral on your next snorkelling or scuba diving trips. Be sure to attach a flotation device to the camera as not all models float when dropped.

Protect your smartphone from the elements

A beach getaway is a perfect time to unplug from the social media world. However, if you want to keep your phone with you, it is wise to invest in a protective phone case. Grains of sand and salt water can quickly destroy your smartphone. Repairing or replacing your phone can be extremely expensive.

Bluetooth speaker

If you are planning a beach trip with friends and family, start the party by pumping out the tunes using a Bluetooth speaker. If your speaker is just for beach trips, it may be best to invest in a speaker that withstands the elements (waterproof, dust, sand and shockproof). When using the speaker, be considerate of those around you. Keep the volume in check and explicit language to a minimum.

Earbuds are also a great way to listen to music or podcasts while at the beach. Sports earbuds are sweat proof and therefore tend to be more water resistant than other models.

Monitor your UV exposure

The sun is known to provide a healthy dose of vitamin D, however, overexposure can be damaging to your skin and hair. Sun exposure trackers can measure the UVA or UVB rays to help you avoid sunburn. These devices can vary from disposable wristbands, apps, and even sunscreen lids which change colour when you’ve reached your sun exposure limit. There are also some models of fitness bands and watches that have this function built into them.

Before you undertake your next beach getaway, be sure you know how to escape a rip as well as downloading this app which spots rips for you.