Hydrate with the edible water bottle

‘Ooho’ is the biodegradable alternative that could pave the way for the future of hydration.

Everyone knows how important it is to get your recommended daily intake of water. This can be difficult however, when you are on the move and conscious of the devastating environmental impact of plastic water bottles. Thanks to an invention called the ‘Ooho’ this could all be about to change.

The Ooho is an inexpensive, biodegradable water container that you can eat. It was invented by Rodrigo Gonzalez, Guillaume Couche and Pierre Paslier of Skipping Rocks Lab in London. The process of making this water container is relatively simple and completely natural. Spheres of ice are treated with a liquid form of seaweed derived membrane. The membrane solidifies and the ice melts, creating a portable, eco-friendly water container.

An Ooho is not only better for than environment then a water bottle, it is also a lot cheaper to make. An Ooho only costs roughly one cent per container to create and is therefore much cheaper for the consumer as well.

The Ooho has won an array of awards including a sustainability award from the European Union, a Lexus Design Award, and most recently a World Technology Award, so the future is looking good for this eco-friendly invention. Hopefully we will see the production of the Ooho on a larger scale in the future.

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