Home technology that’s worth the price tag

Thanks to smart engineering, the homes of the near future will utilise technology to make our lives easier, safer and more comfortable.

Who would have thought you could run your air conditioning, heating, pool pump, ovens, refrigerators, security, solar power and more from your mobile phone? It’s the realm of fantasy and yet thanks to rapid development of technology, it’s fast becoming the reality.

New homes are app-enabled to ultimately make your life easier. Smart refrigerators notify you when you’re low on products. Your doorbell rings and you answer the visitor via a video link on your mobile phone, whether you’re home or not. The internet of things, where everyday devices are connected online is becoming part of the DNA of home construction.

Here are some of the gadgets becoming standard in new and existing homes.

Your pool lights are now driven by an app and kids love it. There’s not even an external switch to turn them on. But the lighting isn’t limited to white light. As the latest pool lights are LEDs, you can choose the colour of the light, or even if it flashes like a discotech. Turn your nightly swim into a party with the swipe of a button on your phone.

A new type of thermostat can be programmed with your preferred temperature and will adjust your heating according to the weather. Some models can even track how far away from home you are, so they can turn your heating or cooling on, so it’s the right temperature when you get home.

A normal smoke alarm can warn you if there is smoke in the house and therefore a potential fire, but the Automist system from the UK emits a fine mist to starve a fire of oxygen. It can be fitted under your sink or to discrete nozzles in the wall that are attached to the mains water.

Listen to the music you want in whatever room you are in. Wireless sound systems let you listen to your favourite music or radio programs all around the house, using wireless speakers placed in every room. Link it up to your playlist, streaming radio or iTunes account and you can control it all from your phone, tablet or computer. You can aven take your portable speakers outside when you are relaxing by the pool, or entertaining guests.

Remote controlled web cameras and CCTV let you watch your home while you’re away. Install them outside and indoors and add a window sticker to warn potential burglars they are being recorded.