Your guide to buying an eBook reader

E-readers make it possible to carry around hundreds of books in the palm of your hand.

eBook readers (or e-readers) are small, thin and super light. Typically an e-reader’s drive can stock hundreds of electronic books, meaning you can access your own book collection right in your bag.

eBooks credit their popularity to their low price compared to the paperback equivalent. They are also accessible and ready to read in a matter of minutes. Additional benefits include: new titles immediately available on the day of publication, and depending on your local library, you can borrow ebooks for free.

Ebook reader or tablet

If you are considering purchasing an e-reader, you’ll need to decide if you buy a tablet computer or an e-reader. One popular argument includes the belief you will typically be getting more “bang for your buck” if you buy a tablet. However, the simplicity of e-readers cannot be overlooked.

Typically, e-readers are cheaper than popular tablets, and they can store thousands of books. eBook readers function in a low power mode, meaning most models have exceptional battery life — giving you weeks of uninterrupted reading. Due to their simplistic design and functionality, distractions are practically nonexistent. eBook readers use e-ink technology with a matte finish. This gives the user a similar feel to reading a real paper print, meaning it is easier on the eyes.

Adapting tablet features

The popularity of tablets in comparison to e-readers is known to developers. Many distributors will continue to adapt tablet functions to their own models. At the moment, this includes touchscreens, swiping functions, screen lighting, and ease of navigation. Some tablets like the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy tablet are similar sizes and weight to e-readers. However, unlike e-readers, the tablets still include a backlit glossy screen deterring many book lovers.

If you are a dedicated reader and looking for a device with lots of storage capacity, and is easy on the eyes, buy an e-reader. If you are looking for a device where you can multitask and use other apps with the added bonus of reading, then a tablet may be a better fit.

What to look for when buying an e-reader

Check to see if the model comes with an AC adapter (main socket charger), as this provides more flexibility when it comes to charging and using your device. For some brands, this is an optional extra. Even when included you will need to ensure the charger is compatible with Australian power points.

Consider if you want a built-in backlit screen on your model. This feature is well sort after and allows you to continue reading in low-light conditions without needing an external light device.

Compare models that use a touchscreen or button features. You will want a model that allows you to work your way through a book with little to no distractions. Additionally, test the reader’s menu accessibility and additional features. Look for simple and easy to use readers, as when you are using the devices you will not want anything over complicated or confusing.

Once you purchase your new e-reader, start reading these five books and be ready for their film releases this year.