Google Maps now gives recommendations

As long as you don’t mind your device being under surveillance, you’ll enjoy the new Google Maps feature.

Google has started rolling out some of its new features for Google Maps. These include an array of settings that revolve around personalised recommendations. There are two new tabs on the Google Maps homescreen — “Explore” and “For You”. These give you a rundown of places such as restaurants, venues and landmarks based on your location and previous activity. It does seem a strange assumption that because you’ve done something already, you are likely to do it again, but that’s modern technology for you.

The Explore tab takes into account your current location and time of day in order to offer up personalised suggestions. The For You tab looks at the areas you frequent. This latter tab also keeps you in the loop about restaurants opening up and other popular, trending places in the area.

Under the Explore tab, you’ll be able to filter through lists with categories such as coffee and attractions, while Google is making use of its vast swathes of user data to compile recommendations of “healthy takeout”, “cheap eats”, “where the locals eat”, and more.

Or if you want to make the record books for eating at the Top 10 burger joints in a specific area before anyone else, Google Maps will now keep track of your progress and let you know how many you’ve been to already, showing you which ones you still need to visit. Again, the question has to be asked, why do you need Google to tell you, given most people would know where they have and haven’t eaten in their local area?

If you already have location history enabled, Google will now be able to give you a percentage score (or “Your Match”) on just how likely you are to enjoy a place based on your previously visited places. That’s of course assuming you enjoyed the previous locations.