Get the most out of iMessage with these apps

Download these interactive apps and make the most out of Apple iMessage.

Along with many other updates and changes that Apple has introduced over the past year, the newest added edition of mini apps for iMessage has brought about some fun new ways for the messaging service to be used.

There a huge number of app developers have contributed to this feature and it can be time-consuming to filter out which apps are actually worthwhile. Our top five are as follows:



ETA gives you the ability to share real-time journey updates with any of your contacts through iMessage. Your friends will be able to see where you are headed, how you are going to get there and at what time you will arrive.

This app is also compatible with Apple and Google Maps so getting directions or viewing alternative routes is not difficult.

Instant Translate

Free or you can purchase Instant Translate Pro for $4.49

Instant Translate is a must when travelling and communicating in a foreign country. This app translates a number of different languages. You can also view previous translations offline, include speech recognition and it has built-in autocorrect. Along with this great concept, the app is also extremely easy to use; simply choose your language and type your message and your translation will show above the text.

Emoji Poll


There are a large variety of polling apps available for download and use within the iMessage service. However, none are as simple and effective as Emoji Poll. With the option of selecting a “popular poll”, “secret poll” or creating a “custom poll” this app assists in dinner plans, creating future plans with friends or even deciding what movie to watch on a night in.



It is said that a picture says a thousand words, well imagine how many words can be said with a GIF (short animated clips without sound). Liven up your messages by searching for your favourite film scene or reaction through Giphy, the world’s largest library of animated GIFs.

Let’s Puck It!

Free or unlock all skins for $4.48

Our favourite iMessage mini game app would be ‘Let’s Puck It!’ This app is extremely simple and addictive. Using a Pong template the app comes with the option of setting stakes to each game, in order to bring out the competitive side of each player. Stakes can include anything from the loser buying dinner to doing the winner’s laundry, or you can create your own custom stakes.

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