The future of streaming with the new Apple television

Apple is taking streaming to the next level with the introduction of the new Apple TV 4K.

The new Apple TV 4K was announced alongside the new iPhone and Apple Watch at its last conference. The key feature of the new Apple TV 4K is its ability to stream in 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). However, to stream in this quality, the Apple TV must be used with a corresponding television device — the ability to produce pictures of this quality.

The basics

The new design of this product has had no significant changes or upgrades to the programming compared to its previous versions. The main change being the upgrade to 4K HDR picture. This upgrade allows for a crisper, greater detailed and brighter picture. Those who have already reviewed the product have compared the picture quality to that which you see in cinemas.

This difference in quality will only be noticed when you are streaming programs which have not been made for the higher resolution. The number of films and programs upgrading to this quality is increasing. However, there are still a number of films that are not offered in this resolution, such as Disney.

Purchasing a film

When purchasing or hiring a film on the Apple service, an HD version will often cost slightly more than a standard definition resolution. Apple has announced the new Apple TV HD and 4K HDR programs will cost the same. Meanwhile, any HD films which you have purchased previously will now be automatically upgraded to 4K HDR. This gives you one of the best purchasing prices for this quality film across many streaming services.


The Apple TV App on your compatible Apple device is one of the most useful and easy ways to keep track of all programs that you may be streaming. By simply clicking on the “Watch Now” tab you can view all programs which you are currently viewing.

It has been announced that by the end of 2017 the Apple TV App will also include the ability to stream live sports. Although, it is not clear whether this addition will be free or an extra cost to subscribers.

Is it worth it?

If you already own a 4K television and plan on renting or purchasing films in 4K HDR then the Apple TV 4K is worth purchasing. However, if you don’t have a compatible television and you are currently not planning on watching programs in the higher resolution, it may be best to consider an alternative and less expensive streaming option.

For those sitting on the fence, it may be best to view the current iTunes films which you would prefer to watch in 4K. Otherwise, you may prefer to wait until a greater variety of programs become available in 4K HDR.

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