What to expect from an Apple HomePod

“The new sound of home” is finally here, so what it is all about?

Apple has developed a new smart speaker, to directly compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Before spending the money on this expensive home assistant, check out what features it offers.

Similar to its competitors, the HomePod is voice-controlled and includes a high-end Wi-Fi speaker. Apple has taken their time developing an excellent sound. The Siri commands are interactive, and at under 18cm, the device is portable which, is a huge bonus.

Unfortunately, the HomePod’s Siri feature does not match Google Assistant or Alexa in regards to versatility. At this stage, the device lacks a multi-room function compared to competitors. This device may be limited to committed Apple users only due to pairing and remote controls.

The HomePod is equipped to respond to your voice and touch. Voice features include the ability to send calls and messages. Siri can read you your messages and you can engage in hands-free conversations from your HomePod.

The device automatically analyses the acoustics and adjusts the sound based solely on the speaker’s location in a room. Direct sound is projected into the middle of the room, whereas ambient sounds are diffused into left and right channels, which will bounce off the walls.

When another HomePod is added to the same room the pair will create a stereo. The devices will automatically detect each other, creating a wider and more captivating soundstage than traditional stereos.

Similar to many Apple products, the HomePod is bound to improve and advance over time. However, at the moment the HomePod has a long way to go when compared to its competitors such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assist.

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