The coolest new tech gadgets

It’s hard to imagine we could evolve any further with technology, but just when we think we’ve seen it all, inventors come out with even more advanced gadgets that can achieve the impossible.

Keeping up with technology is not easy, but here are the top five coolest tech gadgets currently on the market:

PowerVision PowerRay Underwater Drone

Unlike regular drones (which are already pretty cool) this drone can be submerged underwater up to 30 metres and records 4K video which will stream straight to your mobile phone. You can use these videos to help navigate your way underwater.

It also has a fish-finding sonar software that can detect fish up to 40 metres away and then lures them to you with a blue light. This bad boy is perfect for those who love their deep sea diving and fishing expeditions.

“Kuri” – The Nanny Robot

Yes – you read that correctly. This robot is designed to be the perfect in-house nanny for your family. She works as a mobile security camera with smart-home control capabilities. Kuri will cruise through your home checking on your kids and pets when you aren’t around to make sure everyone stays safe and sound.

LeEco Smart Bike

This latest Smart Bike is basically an integration of a phone and iPod into your bike.

The built-in 10cm Android touchscreen will allow the rider to navigate, play music and walkie-talkie. The perfect gadget for anyone serious about cycling.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

There is nothing worse than waking up with cold feet in the middle of the night. So Sleep Number has created the ultimate smart bed. It is able to sense when your feet are feeling a bit chilly, and then automatically turns the heat on at the bottom of the bed.

The mattress works by compensating for changes in position. It can even sense if you’re snoring and will gently raise your head to reduce the volume and intensity of your snores.

Nabi Aristotle voice assistant

This gadget is a dream come true for any new parent because it really does have all the answers. Designed by toymaker ‘Mattel’, tt works as not only as a baby monitor but also as a voice-activated smart assistant who answers all of your questions. It orders more nappies when you’ve run out and can soothe your baby back to sleep.