Choosing a camera for travel

You can’t get the perfect holiday album unless you get the perfect holiday camera.

Finding the perfect travel camera is all about the type of photos you’re looking to shoot. With such a diverse range of cameras now on the market, it can make the choice more than a little overwhelming. So here are a few tips to choose the best travel camera for you.

  1. Look for something small and lightweight. There’s nothing worse when travelling than having to lug around an extra bag just for your camera. You don’t want your camera to be an inconvenience everywhere you go.
  2. Ensure it is durable. Your camera is bound to take a few knocks on your travel adventures. Make sure it can withstand a bit of rough treatment.
  3. Keep it within budget. There is a plethora of cameras out there for every budget and the temptation is to pay for add-ons you’ll never really use. Remember, the money you save on your camera can be extra spending money for your trip.
  4. Consider the conditions of your travel destination, because, with things like freezing temperatures, you’ll need a camera that can stand up to the climate.
  5. How elaborate do you want the camera’s features to be? Do you just want to point and shoot or do you like to manually adjust settings for each photograph?

Once you’ve addressed these key points you’ll be able to clearly communicate with a professional who can recommend the perfect camera for you.

Now that you have the right camera, here’s how to take perfect photos.