Choose the right BBQ thermometer

Follow this guide for choosing the right BBQ thermometer to help ensure you host the best BBQ this summer.

A barbeque thermometer is one of the most important tools for cooking on the grill. This tool indicates the perfect time to take the meat off the plate. How else would you be able to please all the picky meat eaters wanting their steaks cook between rare, medium and well done?

Types of barbeque thermometers

There are two types of barbeque thermometers on the market; grill thermometers and internal thermometers.

A grill thermometer will record and display the temperature of the plate inside your barbeque. This is great for recipes which require the plate to remain at a particular temperature.

An internal thermometer is inserted into the meat, which will provide a reading of the internal temperature of the meat compared to a plate reading. These thermometers are essential when it comes to cooking your meat at a safe and consistent temperature. Some thermometers come with a wireless probe that will stay inside the meat while it is cooking, meaning you do not need to lift the lid frequently.


Most barbequers will rely on their instincts as to when to meat is ready to be taken off the grill or hotplate. However, looks can be deceiving and you want to avoid the risk of serving your guests over or undercooked meat. Having an accurate thermometer eliminates the guesswork.

When purchasing a thermometer ensure that it is accurate and easily calibrated. Some models will advertise their ability to provide ‘Instant Read’. This feature means that the thermometer will provide an accurate temperature in just 10 to 15 seconds.


Every barbequer knows that when cooking meat to a certain temperature you want to avoid opening the hood over and over again. Often this will result in loss of heat and uneven and slow cooking. By inserting a thermometer into the meat, you will be able to record the temperature without interfering with the cooking process.

Some thermometers will allow you to set the desired cooking temperature. These thermometers will notify your remote or compatible device with an audible beep or notification when the meat has reached optimal temperature. Some thermometers have built-in timers which can be used to monitor the cooking time.


Keep in mind that you are purchasing a barbeque thermometer, not a barbeque. Some models include a large number of features with an expensive price tag. Reflect on what features you really need compared to the price you are willing to pay.

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