The best TV shows you missed in 2017

If you plan to spend some of these holidays binge watching Netflix, or other streaming channels, here are some shows you’ll want to add to your viewing list.

It’s often difficult to watch every TV show you like. Here are some from 2017 you may have missed that are essential viewing.

Taboo – BBC First

Tom Hardy is James Keziah Delaney, the son of a shipping magnate who, in 1814, returns to London to inherit his father’s dynasty. Delaney is one of the most fascinating characters I can recall from TV this year and he’s dropped into a 19th century London that shows all the cracks and gruesome truths of that time.

American Gods – Amazon Prime

Hannibal-helmer Bryan Fuller and Michael Green did an exceptional job bringing the characters, darkness and concepts from the novel to life, though the show is close to impenetrable for those who haven’t read the book. It all begins to fall into place towards the end of the season, but those first few episodes are a bit of a slog.

Godless – Netflix

An outlaw – Frank Griffin – is chasing down an old partner across late-19th century America when the search leads him to the female haven of La Belle. Godless takes what you know about Westerns and uses that to its advantages, layering over the top of them an entirely fresh coat of paint. Knowing that there will be a resolution after the seven episodes means you’ll be tempted to just binge through the whole thing.

GLOW – Netflix

The 1980s. Female Wrestling. Alison Brie. A huge, talented, diverse cast of females. An all-round charming and uplifting series that just makes you feel good. Ruth Wilder (Brie) is an actress in LA that stumbles upon a job listing to take on the role as a female wrestler in an 80s wrestling circuit. It loosely bases itself on a real promotion from the 80s but takes a lot of creative liberties – for the better.

You don’t necessarily have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy it though. Clever writing and warmth are enough to draw you in and once you’re there.

Peaky Blinders

The show is in its fourth season this year. It has continued on its merry, blood-stained path following the exploits of the Shelby gang and their foray into the 1920’s underworld. Murphy’s Tommy Shelby is the main drawcard and although it has been criticised for some of the liberties it has taken with history, it has an excellent style and flair thanks to its constant pairing of contemporary music and old-school charm.